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A Wine Plateau

This 30 wine reviews in 30 days challenge has made me realize that I was in a wine plateau. Drinking the same deliciously familiar wines week after week. It happens, we find our comfort zone and just hang there. One of my strategies for breaking this cycle has been to try a new restaurant, browse the wine list, and simply choose the first wine that I don’t recognized. Warning this strategy has a fifty percent failure rate, but it’s all in good wine fun. Wednesday night a friend invited me to check out Taureaux Tavern, a newly opened modern French Brasserie in Chicago’s Financial district. I perused the wine list and landed on the Andrew Rich Cabernet Sauvignon from Columbia Valley. I’d read about this winemaker who produces wines in Oregon and Washington State, however didn’t recall tasting any of his wines. Success! I like big Cabs and I cannot lie. This Cabernet is a winter night’s companion- hearty, silky, black and red berries and black pepper. I paired the Andrew Rich Cabernet with the decadent home made chips and blue cheese dip appetizer! Yum, but next time, steak please!

Regine Rousseau

Regine Rousseau is the CEO of Shall We Wine, author of Searching for Cloves and Lilies. She is a TV personality. Rousseau holds a Level II Certification from the International Sommerlier Guild and a Bourbon Stewart Certification from Stave and Thief.

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