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Wine Notes: Gruet Blanc de Noir 9/4/2019

Wine: Gruet Blanc de Noir

Region: New Mexico

Grapes: Pinot Noir


Taste: This wine starts off linear then blooms in the mouth with flavor of grilled pears, ripe berries, anise, sweet cherries and herbs.

Pairs with: Sunday morning watching

FYI: New Mexico is America’s oldest wine growing region. According to the Viva Vino, the first grapes where planted in New Mexico 400 years ago in the Rio Grande AVA. The grapes were brought over from Spain when out of a need for sacramental wines, monks “Franciscan monk, Fray García de Zúñiga, and his Capuchin colleague Antonio de Arteaga planted Spanish grapevines in the Río Grande Valley near Socorro.” New Mexico Magazine

Blanc de Noir translates to “white from black.” Although this sparkling wine is a white wine, it is made predominantly of the black grape pinot noir.

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