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Wine Notes 9/18/2019: Leuta Tau Toscana 2013

Wine of the Week-

Wine: Leuta Tau, Toscana, 2013

Region: Tuscany, Italy

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah

Price: $29.00

Taste: Full bodied, commanding with a rich velvety quality. Notes of cherries, balsamic, dark chocolate, worn leather and the zing of paprika.

Pairs with: Date night! This is the wine to serve with a romantic steak dinner by a fireplace or while watching Usual Suspects for the twentieth time.

FYI: This wine is known as a Super Tuscan. These wines that are blends of non-indigenous grapes to Italy; usually cabernet, merlot and syrah.

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Regine Rousseau

Regine Rousseau is the CEO of Shall We Wine, author of Searching for Cloves and Lilies. She is a TV personality. Rousseau holds a Level II Certification from the International Sommerlier Guild and a Bourbon Stewart Certification from Stave and Thief.

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