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Event Alert: Chicago Champagne Week November 1-10, 2019

I love Champagne. Periodt! Check out my recent appearance of Sister Circle Live as I chat about some of my favorite producers.


When I heard that Steve Morgan, Midwest Manager for the Importer, The Sorting Table and Garth Hodgon, hospitality industry specialist were hosting “Champagne Week” in my sweet home Chicago, I had to share.

Here are the dets! “Chicago Champagne Week is a time for everyone to revel in their mutual desire to drink more Champagne.” From November 1, through 10, 2019, forty four Chicago restaurants will feature fifty eight Champagne producers. From casual eateries to white table cloth, from grower champagne to popular brands, there’s something for everyone. Check out their site for a list of events and participating restaurants!

If you’ve had any doubts about my love for Champagne, check out my “Champagne Song”

Regine Rousseau

Regine Rousseau is the CEO of Shall We Wine, author of Searching for Cloves and Lilies. She is a TV personality. Rousseau holds a Level II Certification from the International Sommerlier Guild and a Bourbon Stewart Certification from Stave and Thief.

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