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Wine of the Week 11/6/19

Wine: Tablas Creek Vineyard 2017 Esprit de Tablas Blanc and 2017 Esprit Rouge

Region: Paso Robles

Taste:  Tablas Creek Vineyard 2017 Esprit de Tablas Blanc $45

This wine smells of romance; fresh white flowers, sugar, spice, and everything nice. It indulges the mouth with an abundance of zests; green apples, citrus, honey, anise, and striking salinity. Delicious

Pairs with: Lobster, rich fish dishes, Asian foods, grilled veggies. Thanksgiving

Grapes: 68% Roussane, 17% Granche Blanc, 7% Picpoul Blanc, 4% Clairette Blanche, 4% Picardan

Notes from the Winery: Roussane provides a richness and firmness, Granche Blanc comes in with green fruit, Picpoul Blanc provides citrus while Clairette Blanche, Picardan adds floral and minerality.

Taste: Tablas Creek Vineyard 2017 Esprit de Tablas (red) $60

This nose on this wine is a whole mood. It makes me want to lie on a bare-skin rug while eating smoked meats (don’t judge me). The wine is medium to full bodied tender and chewy with licorice, chocolate covered cherries flavors and a touch of sweet smoke.

Grapes:  40% Mouvedre, 35% Granache, 20% Syrah, 5% Counoise

Notes from the winery: It combines the meatiness and ageability of Mouvedre and minerality and dark fruit of Syrah, the approachable fruit of Granache and the freshness of Counoise.

Pairs with: Duck, lamb, chili, basil beef

FYI: This is a partnership between the Perrin family of Chateau de Beaucastel (Rhone Valley, France) and Robert Hass of Vineyard Brands.


Regine Rousseau

Regine Rousseau is the CEO of Shall We Wine, author of Searching for Cloves and Lilies. She is a TV personality. Rousseau holds a Level II Certification from the International Sommerlier Guild and a Bourbon Stewart Certification from Stave and Thief.

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