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Not Your Average Valentine Gift

The Valentine Gift. Hopeless romantic or not, the aura of love season is in full effect. To tell you the truth, while hot reservations and expensive Champagne are easily fractions of my heart’s paramour, nothing beats a little thoughtfulness, a little research, and a little sweat ⁠— versus a quick trip to the local drug store five minutes before you see me. In other words, no need to max out that credit card, bud. However, the reach of love extends beyond...


Wine Host with the Most: #MagnumMonday

Wine magnums. One surefire way to get your guests’ attention in the mélange of events which surround any kind of hosted occasion is to roll in with Magnum-sized wine bottles. Each bottle is 1.5L of gaze-inducing stamina, even if that occasion is a simple Monday night in with friends. This type of occasion is typically more frequent than lavish soirees anyway. And while 3L & 6L bottles seem to get all the glory for showstopper-level gawking, 1.5L is the more...

How To Deal With A Wine Jerk

Know the Peanuts comic created by Charles M. Schulz? If you’re unfamiliar, the character Lucy plays a running gag on Charlie Brown throughout the years of the comic’s existence. Charlie Brown revs up to run and kick the ball, then Lucy pulls the football away before he can kick it. The wine jerk is Lucy. Someone can be a wine novice or an expert just the same but a Lucy comes along to snatch the hope in every Charlie Brown. It can...

Thanksgiving Pie Wine Pairings & Surviving the Holiday Dinner Commentary

Part of the season of thankfulness through the season of gift-giving can be accompanied by more than roasted poultry traditions and its fair share of carby sides — it can also come with a plat d'accompagnement (side dish in French) mixed with laughable circumstances and uncomfortable criticisms. Dessert often gets portrayed as playing second fiddle to the mains, but the sugar rush part of the feast is just as fun to maneuver when it comes to wine pairings! Not to...


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