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The Wine Guide for Beer Drinkers

Maybe it’s you or the person you’re dining with who is a devout beer drinker. You’ve given wine a try before, but it was about as enjoyable as a Saison when you wanted a Stout. There’s no reason to completely shut out wine. I love pairing beers with food, but let’s not forget that food’s original pairing was with wine. Finding a beer drinker’s wine is a matter of matching the flavors of favorite beer style with a comparable style of...

Get Out of the Bottle and into My Glass

If you’ve shopped for a wine opener, you likely noticed there are almost as many options for wine openers are there are bottles of wine. Just like wine that can be intimidating, but with a little knowledge you can make a choice that best fits your needs. As you grow your collection of wine, you’ll likely add more wine openers too. These are the most common type of openers.   The Wine Key: Pros: Portable, available in a variety of styles to match...


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