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Festive Bubbles — From Budget to Baller

Let’s talk wine inclusion. You all know that I love Champagne. As we near the close of one year and move into the excitement of the next, this is also the season where those of us in the wine industry commonly make a list of our Champagne recommendations for New Year’s Eve. As I was preparing my list to share with you, I thought to myself, “who are you fooling? If you were not in the industry, what is the likelihood you'd...

Thanksgiving Pie Wine Pairings & Surviving the Holiday Dinner Commentary

Part of the season of thankfulness through the season of gift-giving can be accompanied by more than roasted poultry traditions and its fair share of carby sides — it can also come with a plat d'accompagnement (side dish in French) mixed with laughable circumstances and uncomfortable criticisms. Dessert often gets portrayed as playing second fiddle to the mains, but the sugar rush part of the feast is just as fun to maneuver when it comes to wine pairings! Not to...


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