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Wine of the Week: 2017 Chateau Rocher Calon 1/8/2020

Wine: 2017 Chateau Rocher Calon Montagne St. Emilion Region: St. Emilion Bordeaux, France Price: $20 Grapes: 95 % merlot 5% Cabernet Franc Taste: The wine has a velvety, plush mouthfeel, soft tannins with dark fruit, chocolate and herbal notes. Fun Story: One of my most memorable wine e experiences was when I tricked one of my I-Don’t-Drink-Fucking-Merlot Friends into drinking Merlot (mentioned in this video). I brought the wine of the week to her house, decanted (when should you decant wine? read this article). and...


Wine: Domaine Pierre Guillemot SAVIGNY-LÈS-BEAUNE BLANC “DESSUS LES GOLLARDES" 2015 Region: Burgundy, France Grapes: 70% Pinot Blanc and 30% Chardonnay Price: $45 Taste: This wine has an appealing chalky texture with flavors of papayas, lemons and apricots. Pairs with: This wine is exceptional. A real conversation starter. Open this when you’re looking for an interesting thought-provoking wine to share with friends. FYI: Most white wines from Burgundy are Chardonnay dominant. Domaine Pierre Guillemot uses mostly Pinot Blanc to create this unique blend. To learn more about wines from Burgundy, read...

Bordeaux Wines Fun & Games

Vin de Bordeaux is making wine education fun again with their Bordeaux Wines Pop Up Trade Tasting series. Wednesday, March 25, 2019 Chicago class hosted at Virtue restaurant in Hyde Park used an interactive casino style game to teach about the diversity of Bordeaux wines. The restaurant's bar area was set up with six top tables covered with a large mat resembling a black jack table and casino chips.“We’re playing a blind tasting game!” I heard someone say! Few things...


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