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Not Your Average Valentine Gift

The Valentine Gift. Hopeless romantic or not, the aura of love season is in full effect. To tell you the truth, while hot reservations and expensive Champagne are easily fractions of my heart’s paramour, nothing beats a little thoughtfulness, a little research, and a little sweat ⁠— versus a quick trip to the local drug store five minutes before you see me. In other words, no need to max out that credit card, bud. However, the reach of love extends beyond...

Agitation of the Waters

From Searching For Cloves and Lilies: The Wine Edition “I begin the chapter Agitation of the Waters with Psalm 139 because these poems expose the hidden and ask, “Who will love my darkness?” I paired it with the mysterious Chateau Musar Red. The wine starts off secretive. So tight and closed that it’s essences are difficult to identify. You have to be patient, wait for it. When the wine decides; at ten, twenty, thirty, perhaps sixty minutes after it...


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