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Underlying Love Triangles In Common Wine Drinking Scenarios

Famous on-screen love triangles bear resonant and expressive memory triggers. Love triangles come in all shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of difficulty. They even span an emotional response spectrum ranging from steamy to grievous. In other words, it’s all as contrasted as the assortment of Pantone hues that exist in the world! Love triangles aren’t limited to just romantic internal battles. It can be a love triangle with a career move. It can be a love triangle fixated on your...

Sunday Funday

I have a short list of people who I clear my calendar for. My family, best friends, a certain lover and Tavi. When @chiataglance sends me an invite, I know good food, cocktails and wine will be had- good bye plans. Sunday funday was spent dinning at Bobby’s Lincoln Park ( 2518 N Lincoln, Chicago) check out @chiataglance blog for her review! I started my meal with Whistle Pig Manhattan and went in for the wine list. This list was full of options...

Hello Old Friend

Don’t you just love running into one of your friends? If you are having a bad day your mood suddenly lightens! If you’re having a good day, seeing them just made it even better. A few months ago, I ran into one of my favs at Bar Ramone Lettuce Entertain You’s new Spanish Tapas Restaurant in Chicago’s River North. I was admiring the decor when I looked up to see Coto De Gomariz The Flower and the Bee. Omg! We...


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