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Discover or Rediscover Chianti: An Interview with Luca Alves of Consorzio Vino Chianti

Broadly speaking, part of the fun and engagement with wine is the continual discovery of one you may have not come across in the past. Nonetheless, sometimes backpedaling to one you think you know is even better! On today’s Shall We Wine TV segment, we’re joined virtually by Ana Murguia of IEEM (International Event & Exhibition Management) to get the lowdown on Chianti with Luca Alves of the Consorzio Vino Chianti. We talk about the region, culture and why we...

Wine of the Week: Winter’s Hill 2019 Rosé

Our wine of the week fulfills the 4 -Ps that make me love a wine; people, place, palate, and pairings. Wine is best when lovely people them, I love the place where they comes from, they please the palate and are versatile to pair with a range of foods. Our wine of the week, Winter’s Hill 2019 Rosé, from Dundee Hills, Oregon gets 4/4 Ps! Winters Hill 2019 Rosé of Pinot Noir People: Gladhart Family Winter’s Hill is owned and operated...

Wine Notes: Gruet Blanc de Noir 9/4/2019

Wine: Gruet Blanc de Noir Region: New Mexico Grapes: Pinot Noir Price: Taste: This wine starts off linear then blooms in the mouth with flavor of grilled pears, ripe berries, anise, sweet cherries and herbs. Pairs with: Sunday morning watching FYI: New Mexico is America’s oldest wine growing region. According to the Viva Vino, the first grapes where planted in New Mexico 400 years ago in the Rio Grande AVA. The grapes were brought over from Spain when out of a need for sacramental wines,...


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