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Champagne Basics

October 18, 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of #ChampagneDay, a yearly social media celebration made possible by Champagne lovers from around the world." Comité Champagne We provide some recommendations for Champagne Day in our October newsletter (Link). Read on for some champagne basics that will help you understand these magical bubbles, and impress your friends! Location: Champagne is the name of a winemaking region in France. It is about 100 miles east of Paris. Smaller than the state of...

Wine Notes: Gruet Blanc de Noir 9/4/2019

Wine: Gruet Blanc de Noir Region: New Mexico Grapes: Pinot Noir Price: Taste: This wine starts off linear then blooms in the mouth with flavor of grilled pears, ripe berries, anise, sweet cherries and herbs. Pairs with: Sunday morning watching FYI: New Mexico is America’s oldest wine growing region. According to the Viva Vino, the first grapes where planted in New Mexico 400 years ago in the Rio Grande AVA. The grapes were brought over from Spain when out of a need for sacramental wines,...

Wine of the Week- 8/14/2019

Wine: Altana Perlage Region: Veneto, Italy Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon Price: $13.99-$17.99 Taste: Yummy! Fresh with small bubbles. Taste of ripe berries. Pairs with: This wine pairs well with a day with the girls and embodies the idea of rose all day! Try it with cheese and salmon. FYI: This wine is organic, which means that the wine is made from organic grapes. This wine is also biodynamic. Biodynamic is a farming practice, where certain wine making processes such as planting grapes...


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