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Fall Wine and Food Pairing with Heartfelt Catering

I am so excited for my second appearance on ABC 7 Windy City Live, a popular Chicago morning show! Tune in at 1:00 PM central time to watch my recommendations for Fall wines paired with deliciousness from Heartfelt Catering! Below are Cecelia Hamilton, Chef/Owner of Heartfelt Caterings thoughts on Fall Foods and recipes from the show. I've added the wine parings and a yummy fall cocktail recipe at the end! Fall's Harvest, Cecelia Hamilton I love this time of year, the crisp...


Sometimes you're looking at a list and you don't know where to start! While there are variations to every list (maybe varietal may come first, etc.), here's a breakdown of how two wine examples could be listed as on a list: Tenuta Sant'Antonio, Scaia, Garganega Chardonnay Blend, Veneto, 2017 Let's separate it into five parts: (1) Tenuta Sant'Antonio, (2) Scaia, (3) Garganega Chardonnay Blend, (4) Veneto, (5) 2017 (1) is the producer of the wine (2) is the name of the wine (3) is the type...

Bordeaux Wines Fun & Games

Vin de Bordeaux is making wine education fun again with their Bordeaux Wines Pop Up Trade Tasting series. Wednesday, March 25, 2019 Chicago class hosted at Virtue restaurant in Hyde Park used an interactive casino style game to teach about the diversity of Bordeaux wines. The restaurant's bar area was set up with six top tables covered with a large mat resembling a black jack table and casino chips.“We’re playing a blind tasting game!” I heard someone say! Few things...


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