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Whether you’re looking for home projects during this time of social distancing, recently moved into your first apartment or furnishing your grad school pad, adding a bar cart is the perfect way to transform your space. There’s just something about storing your alcohol in a uniform fashion just screams *very legitimate adult who knows what they’re doing.* So, If you’ve got Breakfast at Tiffany’s dreams but a Spring Breakers budget, these tips are for you on 'How to Build Your...

How To Incorporate Wine and Spirits Into Your New Lifestyle

Our readers and clients often ask, “How do I incorporate wine and spirits into my new lifestyle?” You’ll be happy to know that you have options! Many of the popular diets like keto, Weight Watchers and a vegan lifestyle allow for alcohol IN MODERATION. I was invited to talk about lifestyle changes and alcohol on WGN-TV's Midday Fix. If you’re trying to watch your waistline and are wondering how to exactly incorporate wine and spirits into your modified diet standards, here’s...


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