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A Custoza Wine Love Affair

Italian wines have long been an irresistible puzzle. With its endless grape varieties and enormous production, I admit to being overwhelmed by its immensity. Italian wines are like a magnetizing lover, attracting and demanding your full concentration. Every region a new adventure, every variety a fresh thrill. The abundance seduces wine lovers into a passionate exploration. In return for our devotion, this country’s wines offer excitement, profound pleasures and an endless love story. My latest crush, a Custoza “Wine” Love Affair. INTRODUCING...


I.E.E.M. (International Event & Exhibition Management) an agency specializing in marketing, events production and public relations for the wine industry curated one of the best Italian wine experiences with its tri-city tour: Simply Italian Great Wines U.S. Tour.  The first stop was, my sweet home Chicago on October 21, 2019 at the trendy The LondonHouse. The Chicago event was so well done, if time permitted, I would have followed the tour to Los Angeles (October 23) and Seattle (October 24). When it...

Bordeaux Wines Fun & Games

Vin de Bordeaux is making wine education fun again with their Bordeaux Wines Pop Up Trade Tasting series. Wednesday, March 25, 2019 Chicago class hosted at Virtue restaurant in Hyde Park used an interactive casino style game to teach about the diversity of Bordeaux wines. The restaurant's bar area was set up with six top tables covered with a large mat resembling a black jack table and casino chips.“We’re playing a blind tasting game!” I heard someone say! Few things...


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